Provides 400 Plus Watt BQ Panels for Suzhou Rooftop Market

Update time : 2020-05-07

Provides 400 Plus Watt BQ Panels for Suzhou Rooftop Market

BQ Solar Tech Co., Ltd. , one of the most innovative solar module manufacturers in China, today announced that the company has supplied 1.1 MW of its 400 watts solar panels to JohnRay Electronic on its tile factory, rooftop in SIP, Suzhou, which is one of the largest single rooftop solar systems in this region. BQ panel is designed to deliver 10 percent more energy in the same amount of roof space over the first 30 years compared to conventional mono panels. BQ series built with 158” half cut cells joins BQ’ s robust residential and commercial solar panel portfolio giving higher range of power, efficiency and less shade impact to suit specific rooftop needs.


In addition to high efficiency and high power generation of BQ modules, other factors that, behind model selection, worth to be considered for this milestone project are the partial shading-resistance feature, thanks to its half-cut cell technology and the proven mechanical loading performance of BQ PV modules, capable to maintain high and stable power output within the temperature range of -40℃ and to +85℃, as well as in intense wind pressure, low temperature and snowy conditions.

BQ module is the most powerful solar panels available at 400 and 415 watts at appealing price, therefore it has been shipped over 200 MW to date since being first introduced at SNEC 2018.