How BQ modules achieve ultra-reliable quality?

Update time : 2020-05-18

How BQ modules achieve ultra-reliable quality?

BQ delivers PV modules, solar systems and solar solutions from start to finish, leveraging solar technology, solar engineering, proven customer collaboration relationships, hybrid teams and our award-winning proprietary global solar programs.


Highest-quality products are always at our core.

BQ modules’ design fully combines theoretical modelling, experimental results and historical experience, comprehensively considering efficiency, power generation capacity and reliability in various scenarios. BQ’ s products research and development center has established optical, electrical and mechanical models related to the design of photovoltaic modules, to carry out corresponding simulation calculation at the initial stage of product design, and choose the solution with the best comprehensive performance according to the results. In the fundamental research into new photovoltaic materials, testing and analysis of photovoltaic devices, product reliability and system integration, BQ has forged an in-depth research cooperation with scientific research institutions to provide guidance for new product development.


With more than 14 years of globally distributed solar projects, we focus on manufacturing reliable PV modules to bring you profits and using our best ideas and technology that range from our own IP to increasingly global level.

Comprehensive Quality System and Quality Control

BQ has a comprehensive quality control system, and has obtained ISO 9001 and IEC TS 62941 certifications in the photovoltaic field. Quality management covers processes such as supplier management, new product development, product change, product production and test equipment measurement. With respect to production, quality and equipment information are collected through the MES (Manufacturing Execution System). The quality control of a factory is highly respected by customers and third-party factory auditors.


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