Tested and certified according to newest IEC standard

IEC61730-1:2016 IEC61215-1:2016

IEC61730-2:2016 IEC61215-2:2016

Bankable products

Triple 100% Electroluminescence (EL) tests

minimize breakage rate

Safety for fire risk

(Class C tested in TüV SüD and Rheinand)

World 1st company to pass “Thresher Test” and

“On-site Power Measure ment Validation” certificate


Safety for salt mist corrosion

Safety for ammonia corrosion

Outstanding power output capability at low


Top rank in Photon yield measurement

Anti-PID products, passing TüV SüD system

voltage durability test

Module TypeBQ-320-6MB-HVBQ-325-6MB-HVBQ-330-6MB-HV
Maximum Power -Pmp(W)320325330
Open Circuit Voltage -Voc(V)40.7841.0441.3
Short Circuit Current -Isc(A)10.1810.2510.32
Maximum Power Voltage -Vmp(V)33.1733.4433.75
Maximum Power Current -I mp(A)9.659.729.78
Module Efficiency STC-ηm(%)19.419.720
Power Tolerance(W)(0,+4.99)
Maximum System Voltage (V)1500 VDC
Maximum Series Fuse Rating (A)20A
Pmax Temperature Coefficient-0.36 %/°C
Voc Temperature Coefficient-0.28 %/°C
Isc Temperature Coefficient+0.05 %/°C
Operating Temperature-40~+85 °C
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature45±2 °C