Lower power degradation, more

power yield, more returns

Enhanced safety by excellent

fire resistance

Less maintenance due to

frameless structure with less

soiling and snow accumulation.


Dual glass reduces micro-cracks, snail

trail, UV aging

Frameless design solving the problematic

issue of PID

Perfect for sandy, snowy and high

latitude regions

Module TypeBQ-390-BMA-DGBQ-395-BMA-DGBQ-400-BMA-DGBQ-405-BMA-DG

Maximum Power -Pmp(W)390  290395   294400   298405   302
Open Circuit Voltage -Voc(V)49.1 45.449.3  45.649.5  45.849.7  46.0
Short Circuit Current -Isc(A)9.96 8.0610.04 8.1310.12 8.2010.19 8.27
Maximum Power Voltage -Vmp(V)41.3 38.141.5  38.341.7  38.541.9  38.7
Maximum Power Current -I mp(A)9.45 7.629.52  7.68 9.60  7.759.67  7.81
Module Efficiency STC-ηm(%)19.0919.3319.5819.82
Power Tolerance(W)(0,+4.99)
Maximum System Voltage (V)1500VDC
Maximum Series Fuse Rating (A)20A
Pmax Temperature Coefficient-0.36 %/°C
Voc Temperature Coefficient-0.28 %/°C
Isc Temperature Coefficient+0.05 %/°C
Operating Temperature-40~+85 °C
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature45±2 °C