Products innovation + Models upgrade BQ Solartech Distributed Energy System wins a better future

Update time : 2020-07-10

BQ Solartech just launched BQs latest upgraded business model on July 10, 2020. Its first show showed a photovoltaic system with zero-input, low-risk, high profits. The launch of this system is ready to be sent to millions of households, which provides a stable and reliable way for people to save energy and make more profits.

Adhering to the value concept of "Better Quality • More Profits", BQ Solartech Distributed Energy System displayed its two original brands "BQ Green" and "BQ JRH". Through the intelligent cloud service center and AI big data platform, real-time online, remote link to the market, to provide channel partners and end customers with efficient, high-quality original services.


BQ Solartech's innovative product-500W+ ultra-high power supreme modules entered in the household market. The modules uses 210mm batteries and integrates advanced technology solutions such as three-division, non-destructive cutting, high-density packaging, and bi-facial power generation, with high efficiency , high power, high reliability, and other characteristics.


BQ Solartech has innovatively proposed own strict standards, continuously improving the comprehensive service capabilities of hardware products and software operation and maintenance, attaching importance to information construction, and creating the industry's leading brand of original household photovoltaic systems. The system will select ten materials, production, testing, warehousing, transportation, design, installation, acceptance, grid connection, operation and maintenance services and other ten links to form the whole process of quality closed-loop management. Through the AI big data intelligent cloud platform, real-time monitoring of the 1347 key quality points to ensure compliance with specifications. Analyze the images and video materials generated during the delivery process, and optimize the processing in time to ensure that the entire system is stable, reliable, and has excellent performance. On the basis of adhering to the original strategy, BQ green is constantly enriching "products + services".


The unexpected Covid-19 epidemic has put pressure on solar industry with tight schedules and heavy tasks. Affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, the trend of digital marketing is becoming more and more obvious, and household photovoltaics will also quickly enter the digital era. Innovation and transformation have always been the genes of BQ Solartech. As a leading company in the photovoltaic industry, under the epidemic, BQ Solartech distributed energy system is actively thinking and courageously innovating, enhancing online grid marketing strategies, integrating internal and external resources, and building the brand-new online value ecology and continuous upgrading of the online marketing network have achieved remarkable results, and have been unanimously recognized and highly praised by the industry.