Global,Tlor 1 bankable brand, with

independently certifiod

state-of-the-art automated manufacturing

Excellent PID resistance

Module Imp binning radically reduces

string mismatch losses

Warranted reliability and stringent quality

assurances well beyond certified requirements



Industry leading lowest thermal

co-efficient of power

Outstanding power output capability at low


Triple 100% Electroluminescence (EL) tests


Certified to withstand severe environmental conditions

Anti-reflective & anti-soiling surface minimise power loss from dirt and dust

Severe salt mlst, ammonia & blown sand reslstance,for seaside,farm and

desert environments

Excellent mechanical load 2400Pa&snowload 5400Pa resistance

Electrical Data(STC)

Model   NumberBQ-144-6-335PBQ-144-6-340PBQ-144-6-345PBQ-144-6-350PBQ-144-6-355P
Rated Power in   Watts-Pmax(Wp)335340345350355
Open Circuit   Voltage-Voc(V)46.146.346.546.746.9
Short Circuit   Current-lsc(A)
Maximum Power   Voltage-Vmpp(V)38.638.738.838.9539.1
Maximum Power   Current-Impp(A)
Module   Efficiency (%)*16.817.117.317.617.8

Irradiance 1000 W/m , Cell Temperature 25°C,Air Mass AM1.5 according to EN60904-3.

* Module Efficiency (%): Round-off to the nearest number

Electrical Data(NMOT)

Model   NumberBQ-144-6-335PBQ-144-6-340PBQ-144-6-345PBQ-144-6-350PBQ-144-6-355P
Maximum   Power-Pmax (Wp)250.4254257.5261.4265.3
Open Circuit   Voltage-Voc (V)42.442.642.84343.1
Short Circuit   Current-lsc (A)7.637.717.797.877.95
Maximum Power   Voltage-Vmpp (V)35.335.435.535.635.8
Maximum Power   Current-Impp (A)